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#16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

How might artists show their concern about peace through their artwork?


Find out: Watch this clip to learn more about the importance of peace and justice in the world.


While you are watching and listening you might like to think about these questions.

What do the words peace, justice and institutions mean?

Can you translate these words into another language?

How might artists express their ideas about peace and justice through their artworks?

Understanding Goal 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions (Primary)



What is peace?








UN The Conventions on the Rights of a Child

Nat Geo-Is peace possible?




Pablo Picasso, La Ronde (Circle Of Friendship), 1961

Jean Jullien, Eiffel Tower Peace, 2015


Click on these links to see more examples of artwork related to peace.

 Art for Peace competition (2012)


Hani Shihada (Palestinian)

Pablo Picasso (Spanish)


Elizabeth Rosen (American)

Banksy (British)

Armoured Peace Dove, 2007


Damien Hirst (British) & Nancy Fouts (American-British) Don’t touch (black), Don’t touch (Silver)

Laila  Shawa (Palestinian)

Gun Artworks title ‘Where Souls Dwell’

AKA Peace Exhibition-Artists customized AKA 47 guns


Research & Resources

What is Justice and What does Social Justice mean?

 Search Terms:

  • justice

  • artworks about peace

  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg

  • superheroes

  • scales of justice/ Lady of Justice

How to draw Scales of Justice


Book List

Art Idea:
Painting & Drawing

A. Learn about the UN's Convention on the Right's of the Child.

Choose one of the rights and illustrate it to make your own book.

Start with the book 'We Are All Born Free' by Amnesty International.








B. Make an anti -War Poster or a Peace Poster. You could turn your artwork into gift cards and sell them.

C. Find a meaningful quote about peace, illustrate your quote. Using oil crayons and watercolour paint is quick and effective.

D. Draw your own peace symbol or the Scales of Justice. You could also draw your design on cardboard, cut it out with a craft knife to make your own stencil. Use paint or spray paint to make a print of your stencil.

Art Idea:
3D Art
Peace Pin Wheels & Peace Plates


E. Make a creative Peace Pinwheel. Display your Pinwheels for Peace artwork on the UN Peace Day held on 21st September each year.


F. Peace Plate Symbol: Draw a large peace symbol on a paper plate. Paint, draw or decorate your symbol then carefully cut it out.

Art Idea: Collaborative/ Installation & Photography

G. Make an Origami Installation artwork based on the concept of peace.

Research on the links below to find out about the legend of the 1000 cranes from Japan.


H. Photography

Use found items or food items to spell out the world PEACE in lots of different ways. Take a photograph of each of your designs and make them into a photo collage.

Taking Action

Here is a list of ideas from the Good Life Goals that can help you to take action on goal #16.



Taking Action

Where do I start?

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