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#2: Zero Hunger

What is hunger?
What does zero hunger really mean and how can we learn about this goal through art?

Find out: Watch this clip to learn more about the causes of hunger and how we can make sure no one in the world goes hungry.


While you are watching and listening you might like to think about these questions.

What does the word hunger mean?

Can you translate the word into another language?

What causes people to be hungry in the first place?

Is there enough food in the world to feed everybody?

How does hunger affect people's lives?

Understanding Goal 2: Zero Hunger (primary)

Lauren Purnell

When exploring ways to teach Zero Hunger I stumbled across the gorgeous work of Lauren Purnell. During Covid this seemed like a perfect on-line art project for students who didn't have a lot of art resources at home.

Search terms

With so many different artworks linked to food, try some of these search terms below.

  • installation art and food

  • food sculpture

  • food artwork









Rogerio Degaki


Aliza Eliazarov (USA)










Dan Cretu (Romanian)

Great pictures here to start off a discussion.

More Food Artists

Here are some other artists who talk about food waste in their art making.

Tisa Cherry (USA)

Harley's Food Art




Haneefah Adam (Nigerian)

Is absolutely fabulous and has several videos on Youtube that show her artwork and the process she goes through when making her food art and cooking with it afterwards.

Installation Artists

My curiosity with the connection between food and installation art, (two of my favourite things) really began in 2007 when I was lucky enough to see 'Soul City' by Roelof Louw.

Since then I have come across a number of installation artist who work with food. Here are some links which could be starting points for your own art making.

Peter Pink

Still Life Paintings-Fruit & Vegetables

Another way to link the SDG Zero Hunger to art would be to  look at classical still life paintings.

More Artists

Art Idea: Food Art

Make an artwork by using food scraps.


Food scraps (fruit & vegetable are the best)

Sharp knife and chopping board (ask your parents for help).

Camera or mobile phone.


Art Idea: Printmaking

Silk Screen or Lino blocks ideas.


Students were asked to consider which foods might be very important to their family, culture or life. 

Prints of these can be made into gift cards or a calendar and sold to your community. By displaying our student's artwork along with explanations about Zero Hunger we raised awareness in our community.  Any profits raised could be donated to a charitable fund or used to help a 'canned goods drive' or donated to a variety of organisations.


Art Idea:
Clay or Recycled Material Food Sculptures

To highlight the importance of food waste and zero hunger our students created clay food sculptures and held an art exhibition to raise awareness.


Sculptures can also be made from recycled materials such as; toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, old art & craft scraps. These food sculptures were displayed at a whole school Food Waste event.

Taking Action

Here is a list of ideas from the Good Life Goals that can help you to take action on goal #2.


Taking Action

Where do I start?


New Ideas & Resources

Coming soon!


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