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#9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What does industry, innovation & infrastructure even mean? Why should I care?

Find out: Watch this clip to learn more about the importance of industry, innovation and infrastructure in the world.


While you are watching and listening you might like to think about these questions.

What do the words industry, innovation and infrastructure really mean?

Can you translate these words into another language?

Why might these areas be important to you?


Understanding Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure (Primary)


Understanding SDG # 9
































What is industry?


There are simply too many artist who are creating innovative artworks to list, however here a few of my personal favourites.

A.    Alexa Meade

People Transformed into Paintings - Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade: Your Story, Your Life | 24Life

Sandy Skoglund


Bry Marie- (painting on tiny objects)



For more ideas about how artists are working with engineers to make renewable energy beautiful look back to LAGI Project in SDG #11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

Research & Resources

Innovative Spaces

 Underwater Art galleries have recently been created

Jason deCaires Taylor









Redesign a village or community


Book List

Art Idea: Infrastructure

Design & Sculpture

Infrastructure means the things we need in our community to help us function well. Things like water, sewerage plants, airports, bridges, railways/ metro, houses, roads, hospitals, schools & important buildings, the basic nuts and bolts of a community.

A. You could design and draw a whole new community with improved infrastructure, such as new  roads, trains, boats, buildings or a new water transport systems.

B. You could design and build a model of something new like a new school that has incredible public transport or a new water filtration and delivery system. You could use  recycled materials like cardboard and plastic bottles, Lego or building blocks, balsa wood or use Tinkercad to build your design.

Art Idea: 

Design anything new using the Scamper Technique or the Design cycle. Look back to SDG #6 for more details on scamper and the design cycle. 


A. You could also innovate and come up a new backpack, school desk, shopping bag or cart or a new swimming pool!

B. Most innovators start out with a real life problem first and then draw different designs to find a solution to the problem. Use the design cycle to help you find the best solution to a real-life problem you have!

C. Look back to the artwork and engineering of Jason deCaires Taylor.

Design a new underwater sculpture that highlights one of the SDG's. 


Art Idea: Industry

Use your imagination to invent a new product and material.


For example what if we could melt soda cans and make them into soft material for clothes or turn food scraps into colourful paint.


Draw and label a diagram to show us how this would work.


Taking Action

Here is a list of ideas from the Good Life Goals that can help you to take action on goal #9


Taking Action

Where do I start?


New Ideas & Resources


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