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How can we learn about this goal through art? 
What does it mean to have a quality education versus an education?

Find out: Watch this clip to learn more about education and why a quality education is so important.


While you are watching and listening you might like to think about these questions.

What do the words education and quality education mean?

What do you think is the difference between getting an education versus a quality education?

Can you translate these words into another language?

Why can't some people get a good education?


How does education or lack of an education affect people?

Understanding Goal 4: Quality Education (Primary)


#4: Quality Education


 Graffiti Artists


Free teacher resource ( Twinkle)

Jacob Lawrence

Facts for kids

More facts

Search Terms:

  • paintings about school

  • Education is not a crime

  • famous artwork about education and schooling

  • famous paintings about education and schooling

Good collection of posters about right to education


Jacob Lawrence (USA Artist)

In the North the Negro had better educational facilities, 1940-41

UN-School in a box

The UN has created an instant 'school in a box' which can be set up immediately following a natural disaster or conflict.

Video Resources

UNESCO Resources


Classrooms around the world


What do you think it is like going to school in different countries?

Have you been to school in another country before?


Write a list of any similarities or differences that you can think of.


Think about: What do different classrooms around the world look like?

Next, watch one of these clip and jot down similarities and differences you see between the classrooms and students

Did you know that a lot of children around the world don’t go to school?

Think & Talk: What kinds of things might stop them from going to school?


Next, watch these clips


UNICEF: What does education mean to you? 








I want to go to school

Look back at your list, can you add any reasons why children might not be able to go to school, even though they want to?

How do children around the world get to School ?

Unicef: Fair chance to go to school

How do children get to school around the world?

Floating School

Also links to SDG #9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

A fight for education like you’ve never seen before | UNICEF

Stop Child Labour

Some children don’t attend because they are working to help their families instead.

Art Idea:
School in a Box

Different ideas based on an emergency school.

During a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, hurricane or a conflict a school might have their buildings and resources destroyed. The charity Unicef created a school in a box, which is a box with basic school supplies that can be used to set up a temporary school immediately after such a disaster. The School in a Box can be dropped from a helicopters/plane or easily fit on the back of a truck so that schools in need can get them quickly and re-open their schools.


Creative Thinking:

In teams make a list of all the items that you think a school would need to start up again.

Can you narrow these down to the top 20, the top 10 or the top 5 items?

Consider if they can withstand being dropped from a helicopter or would they break?

Drawing, Design & Posters:

Use the SCAMPER design technique to innovate and create new useful objects.

Could you redesign and innovate to create some better items to go inside the boxes?

Could you invent a completely new whiteboard or new toys or educational game that other students would love?

Tinkercad and 3D Design

Use the free online design software Tinkercad to make a design for a new helpful object that could be placed inside the box.


You could also redesign the actual BOX that School in a box items fit inside.

Is a cube or rectangular prism the best shapes to use?

Watch this clip for some inspiration and box design.

School in a box?

Would a ‘Digital School in a Box’ be more helpful? Why or why not?

Look at Samsung’s work in South Africa

Drawing & Illustration

Education versus Quality Education

Illustration Versus Drawing:

Is there any difference?



You could create illustrations that show the reasons why not all students have access to good education and draw some solutions to this.

What about an illustration and text to highlight ways in which we can all take action now to solve this problem?

Once you have created your illustrations you could turn these into posters or a game!

Card games like memory with facts about education versus quality education or illustrations of things that stop children going to school would be a great way to teach your friends about SDG #4.

Or you could create a poster to advocate for ‘Quality Education for all’.

Display your posters around your school to help educate your community about this issue.


Art Idea:
Graffiti Art


Design & cut a stencil out of cardboard using a craft knife or out of lino that shows how important getting access to education and a quality education is.

Start Here for some inspiration:



Art Idea:
Design & Build a Floating School


In the section above we looked at how schools are overcoming the difficulty some children face of getting to school due to their geographical location or the weather. 

If you could design a new and innovative school for a mountain, desert or water region what might you design?

Cave School

School on the water

Schools on mountain tops

Schools in freezing environments

School in Space

School in desert

School in a  rainforest

Start by looking at pictures online, in books or talk to people in your community who have lived in very different and challenging environments.


Next, research the particular environment. The school you build will need to suit the conditions, think about the way animals adapt to their environments.

Next, draw a few different designs for your new school.

Lastly use recycled materials or Tinkercad software to make a small model that shows your design in 3D.


Taking Action

Here is a list of ideas from the Good Life Goals that can help you to take action on goal #4.


Taking Action

Where do I start?


More ideas & Resources

New ideas coming soon!


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