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#17: Partnerships For The Goals

How might artists work in partnerships?


Find out: Watch this clip to learn more about the importance of partnerships and collaboration in the world.


While you are watching and listening you might like to think about these questions.

What do the words partnership and collaboration mean?

Can you translate these words into another language?

How might artists express their ideas about the Sustainable Development Goals through their artworks?

Understanding Goal 17: Partnership for the goals (Primary)


Understanding Teamwork & Collaboration


CHRISTO Javacheff (Bulgarian- USA)

Working with others

These floating piers let visitors walk on water

The Art of Collaboration with KeFe | KQED Arts




Collaborative Art with Amy Franceschini | KQED Arts

More Resources & Book List

Other Collaborative Artists

Dale Chihuly-SDG# 11

Mural Art

Graffiti Art






Art Idea:
Global Citizenship People

Start by learning all about the wonderful American artist Keith Haring.


Next, carefully draw keith Haring style figures or trace a template.

You will need the top and the bottom as well as cardboard to go around the body to make it 3D.


Attach strips of cardboard to the base using hot glue (this will act like the middle layer or walls).


Next hot glue the lid on top of the base and add extra layers of masking tape over the whole 3D person.

Use acrylic paint or spray paint to colour and evenly cover your person.


Each mini Keith Haring sculpture will represent one of the SDG's.


The final touch could include collage on top or drawing/ painting or writing ideas and actions that people can take to solve that specific SDG. 

Display them as a group of 17 goals.

Facts about Keith Haring

Who is Keith Haring-Tate Modern Gallery?

Great lesson here

Art Idea:
The Eyes are Watching you!


Students are invited to illustrate one action they can take now to help improve and move towards achieving one of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Examples might include illustrations of riding the bus or a bicycle to school, growing vegetables, taking shorter showers, turning off lights and computers, taking the train on a holiday instead of flying, buying second- hand clothing.


These illustrations act as a reminder that even smaller  actions or teaspoons of change are what we all need to be doing if we are to achieve these goals.


The student's illustrations can be turned into school gift cards, calendars, posters, memory card games and sold at community events with profits being donated to charitable organisations.

Taking Action

Here is a list of ideas from the Good Life Goals that can help you to take action on goal #17.



Taking Action

Where do I start?

Resources & More Ideas 

Coming soon!

Art in Action

Mixed media: Each student draws and paints an eye. These artworks are glued onto wooden sticks and ‘planted’ in mini pots filled with rice (because it is much cheaper than soil and is reusable).

The eyes represent the world watching us work hard to achieve the SDG's.


SDG # 14 &15= Students can also create small sculptures of plants & animals using recycled materials. These are then hot glued onto wooden sticks and displayed in mini plant pot.


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