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#7: Affordable & Clean Energy

What is energy? What does it mean to have affordable and clean energy?

Find out: Watch this clip to learn more about the importance of finding new and innovative ways to power our world.


While you are watching and listening you might like to think about these questions.

What do the words affordable and clean energy mean?

Can you translate these words into another language?

How can everyone in the world get access to clean energy?

Why is dirty energy cheaper than clean energy at the moment?


How does not having access to clean and affordable energy affect people?

Understanding Goal 7: Affordable & Clean Energy (Primary)



LAGI-Land Art Generator Initiative is a worldwide competition that links art with clean energy. Artists around the world are thinking up new and exciting ways to make artworks like sculptures and installation art that uses solar power, or wind energy etc. The goal here is to make more renewable energy that can power  communities around the world as well as look more aesthetically beautiful.

Other artists are showing their support of renewable energy through their artworks.

Questions to consider:


How can artists show their concern for the environment through their artwork?

What kinds of artworks might help people to care more about the environment?

How can artists help make clean energy 'beautiful' to the public?

Artists and Art Websites

Kinetic Artist

Installation Artists

Alexander Calder (American)

Will Rayward-Smith

Installation Art as Land Energy Source


Energy Sculptures


Land Art Generator

(c) Will Rayward-Smith

Research & Resources

Art Idea: Designs,  Models, Installation Art & Sculpture

A. Design

Use Scamper or the design cycle  to create a design for a new kind of energy. Look back to Art Ideas SGD #6



B. Installation Art

Watch the clip above about LAGI.

Can you design by drawing or using Tinkercad a model for an art installation piece? Your design must look good but also creates renewable energy (wind, solar or water).


C. Sculpture

Think about the kinetic sculptures made by famous artist Alexander Calder.

Can you design and make a moving sculpture showing renewable energy?

Art Ideas: Painting/


A. Draw or paint an artwork which compares light and dark (value) or shows the subject of your art with lights on/lights off, this is a subtle link to energy!


B. Photography

Play with light and shadow. Use a torch and look at the shadows cast by different objects.


Make a photographic artwork all about light, dark or shadows. 


C. Landscapes

Look at traditional landscape drawings and paintings throughout history. Draw or paint your own landscape but show the use of clean or renewable energy.

Click on this link and scroll to the bottom and look for 'Renewable Energy' and 'waving them off'. It is a example of a cyclist riding past wind farms.



Art Idea: Printmaking

Famous Artworks


A. Printmaking:

Look at SDG#7 and thinking up new symbols and ways to show affordable and clean energy is a great starting point for creating a printmaking design.


By redesigning symbols, students can create their own Styrofoam or lino artwork.

This art idea works perfectly for any of the SDG's.



B. Landscapes

Ever wondered what a famous landscape or artwork would like with renewable energy somewhere in the landscape?

Artist Will Rayward -Smith and his friends created some absolutely mind blowing artworks based on some very famous pieces.

Look in the section above for more details.


First, you will need to find a well known artwork that is famous for the landscape.


Next draw out some different ideas, how could you change some of the landscape to show a renewable energy source?


Could the river become a hydroelectric dam?


Could the mountains become wind farms?


If you want others to recognise the original artist who has inspired you, make sure you work in a similar style and format you picture to match the original.




Taking Action

Here is a list of ideas from the Good Life Goals that can help you to take action on goal #7


Taking Action

Where do I start?


More Resources & Ideas


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